God said: It will be all right!

Life Happens! Though we say this so easily it truly does more to us internally. As we live on earth many trials and tribulations come and go. Sometimes we are given tests that we fail miserably on, while other times we pass with ease. Regardless of what we face one thing always remains… GOD LOVES YOU!

The word of God teaches us that all of us were born sinners. Now I know we are coached by many leaders to always say good things about ourselves but here is where the truth that hurts can become the truth that changes us. Understanding that we all have faults will make it clear that everyone needs God. There is no such thing as a perfect follower. Jesus Christ is the only one who could ever make such a claim. So what does it really mean then when we say we want to live for God?

Well, to start, we must rephrase the question. What we should ask ourselves is what do we want to be apart of? Everyone has a need to belong to something but the enemy has a sneaky way of making us believe we have limited choices. Deciding what we want to belong to is the foundation of our walk with God. The enemy gives us options to live life in a hurry, carelessly, selfishly, competitively, and many other ways that are rooted in fear. Being rooted in fear creates lifestyles that with or without intention hurt others. But God, shows us life that began in Love. Believing that God gave his only son’s life for us, shows what believers will need to be apart of to enjoy life.

Jesus lived a life of service for others. Though we may not be able to please every person we encounter, letting God lead the way makes uncomfortable circumstances manageable by faith. When we do what God wants us to do we can rest in knowing that God will still provide for those who we may not be able to help at the moment.

Jesus lived a life of forgiveness. The enemy wants us to place reason and intention on our faults and grant judgement and condemnation on others. Now how evil is that? It is often quoted that forgiveness is not for the other person and it is for the one who has been hurt. Yes, forgiveness is for you but it is also for everyone else. So I challenge you today to ponder this truth: Many of us areĀ holding on to unforgiveness because of something we can not forgive within ourselves!

Jesus lived a life of obedience. This is the part that can ruffle a lot of feathers but again the truth can hurt us or change us. We have the power to decide. Obedience is something that all believers yearn to achieve but don’t forget what we learned before, we were all born sinners. No this is not permission to remove responsibility from our actions but it is an opportunity to get in relationship with God. Any area we consistently or even sporadically fall in is an area of the heart that God has yet to finish his work on. God’s love for the world is so great that he is willing to pick us up after every fall. It doesn’t matter if something has been troubling you for 5 minutes, 2 days, 3 weeks, 7 months or 25 years. God stands ready to show us the way, so true obedience is our hearts saying okay!

Did that just set you free?


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