Dreams Come True

Closet Exclusive was born June 25, 1988 in Heidelberg, Germany on an American Army Base. No more than a year or so later she and her family were stationed in Sierra Vista, Arizona. In Arizona she enjoyed the best climate a summer baby could ask for yet still so much more was to be experienced in the world. At age 5, she returned to the town her parents were raised and began her walk towards today. At that time she was in a place with countless family members though she was already being called in her own direction. Next, she would continually enter the spotlight for her academic achievements even though she secretly wanted to hide. This worked well through the end of high school, but when it was time for college she unknowingly let the world set her standards of success. Life’s first battle against her began as she strived toward degrees and the responsibility of taking care of herself. It wasn’t until pivotal moments in her life that were supposed to be exciting still lacked true happiness. She was doing what the world said but it was still not easing her soul.

Thankfully, she remembered a still quiet voice that spoke to her when she was 10 years old and placed on her spirit to one day own a business. Life after graduate school quickly became routine and she started hearing the call of entrepreneurship again. Light began to be shown in all the dark places the world had led her and finally one day she cracked. A new day had come with a limitless future given by grace through faith. Honor and glory in her life was taken back from the world and given to the one and only YAHAWAH.

Mission Statement – Transforming ordinary people into bold & blessed!